The Albuquerque
       Historical Society

The Albuquerque Historical Society (AHS) is a non-profit, membership organization of residents interested in promoting and preserving all matters relating to the history of Albuquerque, New Mexico and the surrounding communities. Founded in 1947 as the Old Town Historical Society, it originally focused on efforts to preserve the historic character of Old Town Albuquerque.

Currently, AHS sponsors a series of monthly programs or tours and traditionally meets on the third Sunday of each month at 2:00 PM. Meetings are held at the Albuquerque Museum, located on Mountain Road NW in Old Town, unless otherwise indicated in the monthly program notice.  All AHS meetings are open to the public at no charge.

 Periodically, the Society sponsors tours to historic points of interest in the Albuquerque area and/or holds meetings or receptions in locations of special historic interest. Sometimes there is a small charge for visiting that facility.

    Programs cover a wide variety of topics related to some aspect of Albuquerque or New Mexico history.  Some recent and future topics are:

  • Neighborhood History- Cultural and Traditional




  • Local Issues History: Land Development, Water, Medical Facilities
  • Albuquerque Architectural History: Nob Hill, downtown.
  • Education History: UNM, APS, CNM, Private Schools
  • Political History of Albuquerque or NM
  • Sports History
AHS promotes education and provides free downloads on:
  • Albuquerque Tri-centennial subject fields
  • New Mexico Centennial highlights


We welcome new members of all ages. It is not necessary to be a historian or have prior knowledge of Albuquerque or New Mexico history. Members receive advance notice via e-mail about forthcoming events sponsored by the AHS, and other societies interested in history, plus opportunities to participate in community and educational outreach activities.

The society is lead by a Board consisting of a group of officers and others who plan the programs and carry out the administrative functions of the society.  For additional information contact our current officers:


Roger Zimmerman, Pres.
Janet Saiers, Vice Pres.
Joe Sabatini, Secretary
Dan Jones, Treasurer/Membership




DICK BENNETT                   1947 – 1948

IRENE FISHER                     1948 – 1949

CARMEN ESPINOSA          1949 – 1950

MAURICE KIGHT                  1950 – 1951

FRANK McCULLOCH                       1951

CARMEN ESPINOSA          1951 – 1955

        Society inactive from    1955 – 1961

DICK WORTHEN                  1961 – 1963

ROLAND DICKEY                1963 – 1964

GENE CALKINS                   1964 – 1965

ED PERKINS                        1965 – 1966

MARIE POPE WALLIS                      1966

DICK WORTHEN                  1966 – 1967

RUTH ARMSTRONG           1967 – 1968

HOMER MUSGRAVE          1968 – 1970

THELMA HONEY                  1970 – 1974

ERNEST STAPLETON        1974 – 1976

MARGARET DIKE                1976 – 1982

OOWALA FORMHALS        1982 – 1984


TUDOR MARKS                   1986 – 1988

LUCIE ADAMS                     1988 – 1992

PAUL H. CARLSON             1992 – 1995

ANN L. CARSON                  1995 – 2000

CARLOTTA FISCHER         2000 – 2003

JAN D. BARNHART             2003 – 2008

        JANET SAIERS                    2008 – 2013        


March is Membership Renewal and the Time to Recruit


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