Questions about the Zimmermann Telegram

Pancho Villa told Mrs Wright that he expected help from Germany’ (and Japan) and the Zimmermann Telegram supports his view. In that sense, there is an argument to leave it in the Pancho Villa sub-event. Should it be placed in another sub-event?

Another issue that came up with this document is what exactly do we mean by “Document Origin”? In this case. I used the current location as the National Archives. Alternatively, the actual origin of the coded document is Foreign Secretary of the German Empire, Arthur Zimmermann. However, the origin of the deciphered document displayed is the British Secret Intelligence Service, Military Intelligence, Section 2 (MI2). Which should be used in this instance?.

One thought on “Questions about the Zimmermann Telegram

  1. rmzimme says:

    With regard to the Document Origin, Isn’t the purpose of that section to provide knowledge to the researcher as to where to locate the document as we have presented it? I suspect that the National Archives would be the best. If the researcher were interested further he or she could seek the deeper trace from that source.

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