Albuquerque's Environmental Story

Educating For a Sustainable Community

Section IV

The Home, School, and Neighborhood as Mini-Environments


I believe that the school in its entirety, and the world beyond it, together constitute the classroom which most effectively provides the education my students and our society deserve.

And, I believe that it is my role to establish a learning climate in which my students can acquire not only basic, measurable skills and knowledge, but also the less easily measured but equally important critical judgment and environmental concern so necessary for responsible citizenship.

Finally, I believe that the survival of humanity depends on the emergence of a new generation educated to question its attitudes and values, to respect and protect diversity wherever it occurs in natural and human communities, and to modify its behavior in conformity with an ethic which sees people as part of the natural world--not its masters.

- APS Teacher

Introduction: A City In Miniature

Part 1: The Natural Environment

Part 2: The Built Environment

Part 3: The Human Environment

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