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A1. Why did the Jesuits remove the church’s santos?

A2. How did early Italian immigrants contribute to Albuquerque architecture?

A3. How did the former university hangout Okie’s get started?

A4. Why was the KiMo Theater unusual?

A5. What African American determined the location of UNM?

A6. How did the KiMo Theater get its name?

A7. What was Albuquerque’s first bottled water?

A8. What was Albuquerque’s first hotel?

A9. What early hotel was a communications center?

A10. What two hotels became centers of activity after 1900?

A11. Did Conrad Hilton get his start here?

A12. Who was Albuquerque’s first mayor?

A13. After incorporation, what ethnic group produced Albuquerque’s first and second elected mayors?

A14. What post did renowned environmentalist Aldo Leopold hold in Albuquerque?

A15. When did the city zoo begin?

A16. What financial debt endowed the Rio Grande Zoo?

A17. What is the connection between actor Douglas Fairbanks and the zoo?

A18. When did the NAACP begin in Albuquerque?

A19. How did Albuquerque Indian School begin?

A20. When did Apaches and Navajos begin raiding Albuquerque-area pueblos?

A21. What authority declared Indians were entitled to liberty and property?

A22. When did the U.S. government recognize Indian citizenship?

A23. How many Pueblo Indians were in Albuquerque in 1706?

A24. What was the impact on Albuquerque of European diseases?

A25. When did the first Indian hospital open in Albuquerque?

A26. When was the first All Indian Pueblo Council?

A27. When did the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center first open in Albuquerque?

A28. What Nobel Prize winner has ties to Albuquerque?

A29. What famous African American musician grew up in Albuquerque?

A30. What successful African American publisher attended UNM?

A31. What successful African American businesswoman was a mentor to other women?

A32. How many of Albuquerque’s founders were of African descent?

A33. What Buffalo soldier improved the appearance of Central Avenue?

A34. How did basketball begin at UNM?

A35. What’s the Home Circle Club?

A36. Who was the first African-American hired to teach in APS?

A37. Who was the first woman regent at UNM?

A38. Who was the first female district judge in New Mexico?

A39. Who was the first woman to serve on the City Council?

A40. What Albuquerque mayor was not really a mayor?

A41. Who was the first African American to be elected to the Legislature?

A42. Albuquerque was one of the first cities to pass which civil-rights law?

A43. Who was the first African-American housing developer?

A44. Was the Ku Klux Klan ever present in Albuquerque?

A45. Who was the all-time greatest athlete ever produced by New Mexico?

A46. How did UNM athletes become Lobos?

A47. What street in Albuquerque was originally named Railroad Avenue?

A48. How did Coal, Copper, Gold, Lead, and Silver get these street names?

A49. What two early streets were named for children?

A50. What is the name of the current street that originally was named New York?

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