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B51. What are the names of the five volcanoes west of Albuquerque?

B52. Who was the longest serving president of UNM?

B53. What did early Spaniards call the area that became Albuquerque?

B54. When did the Sandia Peak ski area open?

B55. Why do many of the streets in far north Albuquerque have California-related names?

B56. Who was the first sheriff of Bernalillo County and Albuquerque’s first lawman after American occupation?

B57. What was Albuquerque’s first newspaper?

B58. When was Albuquerque’s first English-language newspaper published?

B59. When was Albuquerque’s first daily newspaper published?

B60. What was the first African-American newspaper in Albuquerque?

B61. Name two early crusading journalists.

B62. When was the University of New Mexico established in Albuquerque?

B63. When did the first class graduate from UNM?

B64. How did university architecture evolve?

B65. When did APS begin?

B66. How many students and teachers did APS have when it began?

B67. Where did APS first hold classes?

B68. Why was the 1907 class at Albuquerque High School controversial?

B69. When was Albuquerque Academy established?

B70. What New Mexico Senator has a statue in the Capitol Statuary Hall in Washington D.C. and was also honored with a stamp in the Great American Series?

B71. How many times did the city population double during the 20th Century?

B72. What three Albuquerque balloonists were the first to make a trans-Atlantic balloon crossing and when did this take place?

B73. What’s the name of the balloon Maxie Anderson, Ben Abruzzo and Larry Newman used to cross the Atlantic in 1978?

B74. How did the city’s West Side airport get its name?

B75. How did Larry Newman and Ben Abruzzo meet?

B76. What was Maxie Anderson’s day job?

B77. How did the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta begin?

B78. When was Albuquerque named an All-American City?

B79. When Albuquerque celebrated its 250th birthday in 1956, what special gift was presented to the city by Don Beltrán Osorio y Diez de Rivera, the eighteenth Duke of Albuquerque?

B80. Why did Albuquerque hang its first town marshal?

B81. When were police not public employees?

B82. How did Albuquerque lose its second marshal?

B83. Who was the first president of the University of New Mexico?

B84. When did New Mexico become a Territory of the United States? And when did it become a state?

B85. What is the State Flower, State Tree and the State Grass of New Mexico?

B86. What is the State Bird, the State Fish and the State Animal of New Mexico?

B87. What is the State Fossil and State Gem?

B88. What is the State Poem and State Ballad of New Mexico?

B89. What does the State Song have to do with Billy the Kid?

B90. What is the symbol on the state flag?

B91. How many flags have flown over New Mexico?

B92. What is the official salute to the Flag of New Mexico?

B93. What is the state motto of New Mexico?

B94. What is the State Aircraft?

B95. When was the state Constitution approved by the voters?

B96. Who was the first woman elected to a statewide office?

B97. What Lobo football player became a star with the Dallas Cowboys?

B98. Who was the first native-born Hispanic on a space mission?

B99. When did New Mexico ratify the suffrage amendment?

B100. When was the University of New Mexico a private school?

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