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C101. Who was the first Hispanic Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives?

C102. Where did the name Albuquerque come from?

C103. Why is Albuquerque called the Duke City?

C104. What was Albuquerque’s patron saint?

C105. When was Albuquerque founded?

C106. When did Albuquerque experience its first politicking?

C107. Who identified the site for the community of Albuquerque?

C108. What are Albuquerque’s military roots?

C109. What community was here before Albuquerque?

C110. When was the San Felipe de Neri Church founded?

C111. Who was Elena Gallegos?

C112. How was Albuquerque involved in trade?

C113. What was the Chihuahua Trail?

C114. What was the economy in early Albuquerque?

C115. When did Albuquerque get its first suburbs?

C116. When was Corrales settled?

C117. How did Martineztown begin?

C118. When did West Side development begin?

C119. What was going on in Albuquerque during the American Revolution?

C120. How did Albuquerque grow in its first century?

C121. Is the church on the plaza the original church?

C122. What famous American explorer was apprehended in New Mexico?

C123. When was Albuquerque’s first election?

C124. How did Albuquerque settlers defend against raids by Apaches and Navajos?

C125. How did Mexican independence from Spain in 1821 affect New Mexico?

C126. How did the United States’ war against Mexico in 1846 affect New Mexico?

C127. When was Albuquerque first dependent on government support?

C128. What document formally ended the Mexican-American War and made New Mexico part of the United States?

C129. After the Mexican-American War, Mexico ceded all or portions of land that later became which states?

C130. When did the first U.S. post office open in Albuquerque?

C131. Who was the most successful early merchant?

C132. When did Albuquerque have a castle?

C133. Besides San Felipe de Neri Church in Old Town, what were other early places of worship in Albuquerque?

C134. How did Albuquerque become an island?

C135. When did Albuquerque get a telegraph?

C136. Where was the first bridge?

C137. What was the first bank?

C138. What was Albuquerque’s first planned suburb?

C139. When did Albuquerque have a Main Street?

C140. When did “sprawl” begin in Albuquerque?

C141. When were golfing greens not green?

C142. When was the first housing boom?

C143. When did the railroad arrive in Albuquerque?

C144. What is the log building visible from I-25 south of Central?

C145. How did Albuquerque become two towns?

C146. How has Old Town changed in the last 50 years?

C147. How did public transportation begin?

C148. When did Albuquerque get electric street cars?

C149. What were some of the earliest stores in Albuquerque?

C150. What was Albuquerque’s first baseball team?

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