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D151. What are the names of Albuquerque’s pro baseball teams over the years?

D152. When did Albuquerque lose its professional baseball team the first time?

D153. When did the first public school open?

D154. When did Albuquerque get its first reputable mortuary?

D155. What mortician advanced city beautification?

D156. What single decision had the biggest impact on early Albuquerque?

D157. Who were among Albuquerque’s first land speculators?

D158. What were Albuquerque’s first organizations?

D159. When did Albuquerque’s first opera house open?

D160. When did Albuquerque get its first utilities?

D161. Where were Albuquerque’s first electric lights?

D162. When was the first fire station built?

D163. What were the biggest employers in the late 1800s?

D164. When was lumber a major industry in Albuquerque?

D165. How many people worked for the railroad?

D166. Where was early Albuquerque’s financial district?

D167. What was the first insurance company headquartered between Kansas City and Los Angeles?

D168. When was Albuquerque incorporated?

D169. When did Menaul School begin?

D170. When did Harwood School begin?

D171. What was the first real estate company in Albuquerque?

D172. What famous war correspondent settled in Albuquerque?

D173. When did the Albuquerque Public Library begin?

D174. When did Albuquerque get a sewer system?

D175. When did the first automobile arrive in Albuquerque?

D176. What was a test drive for cars in early Albuquerque?

D177. How did the Big I get its name?

D178. What was the first movie in Albuquerque?

D179. How did tuberculosis help Albuquerque grow?

D180. What was Albuquerque’s first hospital?

D181. What early hospital provided holistic healthcare?

D182. What prominent city leaders came here as TB patients?

D183. What was Albuquerque’s first brewery?

D184. When did Albuquerque get dial phones?

D185. When did Albuquerque promote smoking?

D186. When was gambling popular in Albuquerque?

D187. When did the first car dealership open in Albuquerque?

D188. What was Albuquerque’s first speed limit?

D189. What was the first police car in Albuquerque?

D190. When was the first airplane flight in New Mexico?

D191. When did Albuquerque get an airport?

D192. How did Albuquerque’s airport get its name?

D193. When did commercial aviation begin in Albuquerque?

D194. Who was John Braden and why was he a hero in 1896?

D195. What’s the city’s oldest park?

D196. What is the State Cookie?

D197. What famous movie star was discovered at a State Fair rodeo?

D198. Why is the State Fair in Albuquerque?

D199. Where were the State Fairgrounds initially?

D200. What were the activities and exhibits of the first fair?

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