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E201. Why did the State Fair end?

E202. What were the first national retailers to open in Albuquerque?

E203. When did Albuquerque have its first auto show?

E204. What was the first radio station in Albuquerque?

E205. What was Albuquerque’s first skyscraper?

E206. When did tourism begin in Albuquerque?

E207. Why were the 1930s important for the arts in Albuquerque?

E208. What woman was ahead of her time in Albuquerque?

E209. When was a UFO sighted over Albuquerque?

E210. What was the first TV station?

E211. What was Albuquerque’s first FM station?

E212. When did TVI begin?

E213. Was Albuquerque part of the Wild West?

E214. When did the city’s drug problem begin?

E215. How were sheriffs chosen in the 1880s?

E216. How did Albuquerque benefit from the Works Progress Administration?

E217. Who was the first woman doctor?

E218. Where was the first McDonald’s?

E219. When did Albuquerque get its first shopping center?

E220. What was the first “regional” shopping center?

E221. How long has Sandia Peak Tramway been here?

E222. When did the Frontier Restaurant, a UNM institution, begin?

E223. When did Albuquerque get freeways?

E224. How old is the convention center?

E225. When did Albuquerque get its first bike trail?

E226. How did businesses promote the city before the Chamber of Commerce organized?

E227. What media agreement was the first of its kind in the nation?

E228. How did the Sandia Mountains get their name?

E229. In what arts program was Albuquerque a national leader?

E230. When was the first Albuquerque telegraph operational?  

E231. Where was the world's first solar office building?

E232. What immigrant groups arrived in the 1880s and 1890s to work for the railroad?

E233. When did the Gathering of Nations begin?

E234. How has city governance changed?

E235. Was Albuquerque involved in the Civil War?

E236. When was the first balloon flown in Albuquerque?

E237. What downtown building was an advertisement for its occupant?

E238. How did aviation begin in Albuquerque?

E239. How did Kirtland Air Force Base begin?

E240. How was Kirtland named?

E241. What secret role did Kirtland play in World War II?

E242. What were Kirtland’s contributions to World War II?

E243. What did Kirtland do after the war?

E244. What does Kirtland Air Force Base do today?

E245. What is Kirtland’s economic impact?

E246. Which Indian curio stores, within walking distance of the train station in the early 1900s, are still in business?

E247. Who painted the murals outside Maisel’s?

E248. How did Sandia National Laboratories begin?E249. What is Sandia National Laboratories’ economic impact?

E249. What is Sandia National Laboratories’ economic impact?

E250. What Albuquerque resident inspired a TV series?

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