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F251. Which two famous gunfighters once caroused together at the saloons in Old Town?

F252. When was the town of Bernalillo in Bernalillo County?

F253. How many times has the Bernalillo County seat changed locations?

F254. What did Albuquerque business legends George Maloof and Dale Bellamah have in common?

F255. What respected Albuquerque elected official was first a newspaper reporter?

F256. Why are so many places in Albuquerque named Tingley?

F257. What eyesore became a city attraction?

F258. What Albuquerque neighborhood is featured in the “Science In Life” exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute?

F259. How did Taylor Ranch begin?

F260. Who were the big names in the building boom of the 1950s and 1960s?

F261. What neighborhood wanted to incorporate as a separate village?

F262. When was abstinence a financial liability?

F263. Who is New Mexico’s longest serving U.S. senator?

F264. Who is the only female veteran serving in Congress?

F265. What are Albuquerque’s sister cities?

F266. Where did the personal computer originate?

F267. What world famous company started in Albuquerque in 1975?

F268. What local cultural center was originally a part of the Elena Gallegos land grant?

F269. What was Randy Lovelace’s role in preparing the first astronauts?

F270. What astronomical facility monitors space junk?

F271. What organization is a pioneer in the study of space materials?

F272. What Albuquerque-area manufacturing plant is the largest of its kind in the world?

F273. What was the first electric utility in Albuquerque?

F274. What prominent Albuquerque company is also celebrating an anniversary in 2006?

F275. What was the first electric transmission line in New Mexico?

F276. What alternative fuel supplied an early Albuquerque power plant?

F277. What Albuquerque street had two historical designations?

F278. Why did Route 66 follow two different streets in Albuquerque?

F279. When did Albuquerque get its first automobile tourist services?

F280. What’s the best preserved remaining Route 66 motel?

F281. What are the oldest Route 66 motels?

F282. What was the first distance car race in New Mexico?

F283. How did Albuquerque’s famous racing family, the Unsers, get started?

F284. How much was UNM tuition in the early 1900s?

F285. Who is UNM’s Johnson Gymnasium named for?

F286. How did Albuquerque participate in the first coast-to-coast air travel?

F287. How did the YMCA begin?

F288. What was an early women’s group?

F289. What was the nation’s first solar high-rise building?

F290. How did Albuquerque police communicate before they had radios?

F291. What prominent Albuquerque building featured a dome made by pouring concrete over a sand hill?

F292. How did UNM get its colors?

F293. What public building is considered the finest example of Spanish Pueblo-Revival architecture designed by famed New Mexico architect John Gaw Meem?

F294. What two members of Congress married and moved to Albuquerque?

F295. What orphanage operated in Albuquerque until modern times?

F296. Where did Elvis perform in Albuquerque?

F297. What did early settlers eat?

F298. What hero of the Civil War was born and raised in Atrisco?

F299. How did Paradise Hills begin?

F300. How did Coors Boulevard get its name?

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