Fair Use – OK to Use?

Due to the educational use of our Source Document repository, it appears that “Fair Use” is an attractive alternative to seeking approval from the copyright holder. see Fair Use page in the AHS Research Portal.

What am I missing?

4 thoughts on “Fair Use – OK to Use?

  1. rmzimme says:

    I think this can apply to a number of documents. I have used it for the newspaper articles in the Source Documents Index. Are there limititations that members of the Source Documents Committee see that we should be careful about?

  2. rmzimme says:


    The suggestion that I made is that we should have something in our Source Documents Index to indicate that those who use our Index information for something other than education are subject to copyright laws. The statement might be something like this: “This Source Documents Index has been developed for use for educational purposes and appropriate Fair Use laws apply. Any person who uses this information for other than the intended purpose should consult appropriate copyright regulations.”

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