Cultural Early Settlement Early Settlement Spanish Colonial Mexico Republic U.S. Territorial U.S. Statehood U.S. Statehood
Influences Native American Early Spanish 1706 - 1821 1821 - 1846 1846 - 1912 1912 - 1945 1945 - Now
Architecture & Landmarks Native Architecture Early Architecture and Colonial Architecture Mexican Architecture U.S. Architecture Statehood Architecture Late U.S. Architecture
Art & Leisure Native Art Spanish Art Colonial Art Mexican Art Territorial Arts U.S. Statehood Arts Modern Arts
Church Native Religion Early Missions Early Church Early Mexican Territorial Churches Statehood Church Modern Church
Economy Native Economy Early Spanish Economy Colonial Economy Mexican Economy Territorial Economy Statehood Economy Post-war Economy


Native Education Early Education Colonial Education Mexican Education Territorial Education Statehood Education Modern Education
Festivals Native Festivals Spanish and Mexican Festivals Territorial Festivals Statehood Festivals Modern Festivals
Government Structure Native Government Early Government Colonial Government Mexican Government Territorial Government Statehood Government Modern Government
Health Care

Native Health

Early Health Care Colonial Health Care   Territorial Medicine Statehood Medicine Modern Medicine
Military Native Military Spanish Military Colonial Military Mexican Military Territorial Military U.S. Military Modern Military
Transportation & Communications Native Transportation & Communication Spanish Travel & Communication Colonial Travel Mexican Transportation Territorial Travel &
Statehood Transportation Modern Transportation