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We owe a large debt of gratitude to historian Marc Simmons for his highly readable and comprehensive Albuquerque histories,  and to the local contributors noted below.  Significant use was made of the resource bibliography listed in generating and verifying the matrix material.  . – Sherry Robinson, Editor

Contributors:   Jan Dodson Barnhart, Don Bullis, Nicholasa Chavez, Elizabeth Chestnut, Darlene Couchman, Donald Couchman, Orae Dominguex, Deborah Egan, Pelayo Fernandez, Carolyn Gonzales, Elizabeth Haskett, David Jackson, Michael Kelly, John Lucero, Randy Pence, Sherry Robinson, Marla Rodriquez, Robert Rodriquez, Joe Sabitini, Ruben Salaz, Joe Sando,  Millie Santillanes, David Schneider and Deb Slaney. 

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