Gantry Crane view from Blast Pit

This photo shows the Gantry Crane where the rocket would be launched and the blast pit.
In all, 67 V-2 rockets were assembled and tested at White Sands between 1946 and 1952, providing the U.S. invaluable experience in the assembly, pre-flight testing, handling, fueling, launching, and tracking of large missiles. In the late 1940s, several V-2s were combined with a smaller rocket, the WAC Corporal, to become the first large, multi-stage rockets to be launched in the Western Hemisphere.

Historic American Engineering Record complied photographs and drawings after 1968 of the V-2 Rocket Facilities at White Sands, NM.

Document Type: Photograph
Historical Event: New Mexico Role in Cold War (1945-89)
Sub Event: German Scientists Move to NM
Origin: Historic American Engineering Record Collection, Library of Congress
Author: Historic American Engineer Record
Permission: Public Domain
Contributor: Tammie Torres
Albuquerque Historical Society

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