Source Documents

The Albuquerque Historical Society (AHS) has established a source documents repository as a resource for high school history programs. Documents cover basic historical events occurring since the initiation of statehood in 1912. Creation of this information provides teachers with a readily available resource to help build lesson plans for the teaching of New Mexico history at the high school level.

This information is provided so that teachers can initiate research efforts or expand teaching functions. The general outline of topics has been developed with inputs from high school teachers and librarians in an effort to facilitate offerings at the high school level. These references, patterned as primary documents and listed as events and sub-events, will generally serve to highlight the initiation of events. The documents are not intended to focus on interpretations of the events. Other searches will be needed to explore those interesting features, and that is part of the teaching process. Initially, the documents have been obtained from newspaper articles, the NM Constitution, and limited NM legislative actions. In time, other documents will be added to enhance and amplify these initial references. The goal is to enhance the resources available in the offering of high school history courses. Users of this website may offer suggestions for improvements and this can be done by addressing “Contact Us” in the AHS website.

It is a goal that the documents highlight historical events that define a happening that induced changes to peoples’ lives and actions on a relatively large scale. Teachers may find the Teacher Suggestions document useful in assigning work to students.

Source Documents Index

The reader may view the Historic Event Table and our listing of source documents by viewing our Source Documents Index page. The Index for this website has been changed to improve navigation within the primary documents collection. Now the reader can go to a page that highlights the events and sub events. This will help the reader in locating specific documents. The events can be selected by clicking and the page with this information is highlighted. The documents that have been collected are under this heading. By clicking on a specific document, the entire display information is produced. All documents can be downloaded or printed. Updates will be indicated by date of change. The latest update is February 8, 2020.