The Albuquerque Historical Society (AHS) is a non-profit, membership organization of residents interested in promoting and preserving all matters relating to the history of Albuquerque, New Mexico and the surrounding communities. Founded in 1947 as the Old Town Historical Society, it originally focused on efforts to preserve the historic character of Old Town Albuquerque. Currently, AHS sponsors a series of monthly Programs and provides Educators with teacher resource guides. We also maintain a Speakers Bureau for primary and secondary schools, host a repository of Source Documents for education and research and honor individuals or group with Albuquerque History Accolades. To learn more about us visit our About page.

Downtown Albuquerque Walking Tours Indefinitely Paused

The Albuquerque Historical Society has indefinitely paused the free Saturday morning Downtown Albuquerque Walking Tours between 1st and 8th streets. Tours began in 2014 and had hundreds of participants from around New Mexico, the US and around the world. At one time some 13 volunteers were trained as guides who used a “before and after” picture book and told many stories about buildings, events, people. Guides were faithful in 100 degree weather, snow, wind and rain! Read More

September 2023 AHS Program
“Albuquerque’s Involvement with the American Space Program”

Cover of "Out of This World: New Mexico's Contributions to Space Travel"On Sunday, September 17, 2023, award-winning author Loretta Hall will speak about the Albuquerque researchers who contributed substantially to America’s space exploration programs since the 1950s. Learn about the amazing record that spans NASA’s first human spaceflights, visits to the Moon, the space shuttle program, and robotic explorations of Mars. Don’t be surprised if the next person you meet has played an anonymous role in space exploration from right here at home! The program will be held at the Albuquerque Museum at 2000 Mountain Rd. NW in Old Town. Parking is free in the lot south of the Museum. Admission to the Museum and the AHS program is also free. Read More.

September 2023 New Mexico History & Culture Opportunities

There are many opportunities to participate in local and statewide history and cultural programs this month. View the September 2023 New Mexico History & Culture Opportunities web page compiled as a volunteer effort by Janet Saiers.

Become a Member of the Albuquerque Historical Society

We welcome new members of all ages. It is not necessary to be a historian or have prior knowledge of Albuquerque or New Mexico history. Members receive advance notice via e-mail about forthcoming events sponsored by the AHS, and other societies interested in history, plus opportunities to participate in community and educational outreach activities. To become a member or to renew your current membership, visit our AHS Membership page.

Past AHS Presentations Available for Online Viewing

AHS Facebook Logo

The Albuquerque Historical Society maintains videos of scheduled program presentations. The video presentations are permanently available on the AHS YouTube Channel, as well as embedded in the appropriate AHS Program pages. To see a list of AHS program videos, visit our AHS Program Videos page.

Price Reduced on A History Lover’s Guide to Albuquerque

Hist Lovers Guide to Alb - front coverSigned copies of AHS Board Member Roger Zimmerman’s book, A History Lover’s Guide to Albuquerque are available to purchase on the AHS Website at a reduced price of $16. Shipping is free and payment is via PayPal, but a PayPal account is not required if you wish to use a credit card. Please allow about a week for shipping. Roger will also be selling copies at AHS and other functions (credit cards accepted). Roger is donating a portion of proceeds for AHS online and personal sales to the Albuquerque Historical Society.
This book goes beyond the traditional guidebook to offer a historical journal through an area rich with diverse cultures and their fascinating past. Major museums, libraries, ethnic centers, historical displays and special historical treasures will be discussed. It is intended that this guide will help the reader find satisfaction in either visiting or exploring topics of choice.

Diane Schaller – Preserving Albuquerque Business History

Photo of Diane SchallerDiane Schaller has been recognized by the Albuquerque Historical Society with an Albuquerque History Accolade for her efforts to preserve the business history of Albuquerque, save many photographs and documents related to local history, help train volunteers to lead AHS walking tours encourage others to help research and save local history. Read More.

AHS Member Participation Opportunity

The Albuquerque Historical Society often receives questions from people about Albuquerque history in general or as it relates to their personal lives. AHS volunteers reply to these questions with answers or referrals to other individuals and organizations that may have answers. AHS is inviting its members to help reply to such questions if they choose. If you are a member of AHS and would like to volunteer to help respond to AHS website inquiries, see our Member Participation on AHS Website Inquiries page.