Source Documents Index

Source documents are available which cover basic historical events occurring since the initiation of New Mexico statehood in 1912. They are intended to be used for teaching New Mexico history. The documents are provided in a two-level index, by major historical event and further delineated by sub event. The list below identifies the Historical Events and the respective Sub Events. These events and sub events have been developed in consultation with teachers and administrators from the Albuquerque Pubic Schools with the intent to help present major historical happenings occurring during this time period.

Click on the Historical Event link below to view the Source Documents associated with that event. You can also view the Source Documents Index – All Documents page.

Statehood (1912)

  • Constitution Convention
  • US Government Role
  • Treaty Commitments
  • Land Grants
  • Borders and Counties
  • Political Structure
  • Immigration Policies
  • Secondary and Higher Education
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New Mexico Role in WW I Era (1916-1919)

New Mexico Role in New Deal (1933-1939)

  • Depression Migration Patterns
  • CCC Camps
  • WPA Projects
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New Mexico Role in WW II (1941-1945)

  • Navajo Code Talkers
  • Internment of Japan Descendants
  • Manhattan Project
  • Bataan Death March
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New Mexico Role in Cold War (1945-1989)

  • German Scientists Move to NM
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • Home Bomb Shelters
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Major Entertainment Events

  • Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial
  • Start of Santa Fe Opera
  • Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
  • Norman Petty Studio in Clovis
  • Initial NM State Fair
  • Pari-Mutual Betting
  • Indian Casinos
  • First Intercollegiate Championship
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Major Transportation Facilities

  • Federal Highways
  • Rio Grande Gorge Bridge
  • Route 66
  • Albuquerque Airport
  • Spaceport America
  • Interstate Highways
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Natural Resources and Industries

  • Elephant Butte Dam
  • Discovery of Oil near Hobbs
  • Acequias at Statehood
  • Films at Statehood
  • High Tech
  • Ranching
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
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Parks and Monuments

  • National Monuments
  • National Park Service
  • Historic Site Preservation
  • Establishment of Carlsbad Caverns
  • Establishment of Gila Wilderness
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Noteworthy Items

  • Tierra Amarilla Raid
  • Santa Fe Prison Riot
  • Roswell Incident
  • Smokey Recovered
  • Initiation of Very Large Array
  • Representative Artist
  • Representative Craftsman
  • Representative Writer
  • TB Sanitariums
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Citizen’s Topics

  • Women’s Suffrage
  • Women’s Emergence in Work Force
  • Native Americans get to Vote
  • Tribal Autonomy
  • Multi-cultural Assimilation
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