Citizen’s Topics

The following are source documents which cover Citizen’s Topics. They are intended to be used for teaching New Mexico history.

Women’s Suffrage

  • Women and Politics
    Newspaper Article - Roswell Daily Record
    The article discusses activities following the ratification of the 19th amendment to give women the right to vote. The effective date of ratification was Ausust 26,

Women’s Emergence in Work Force

  • Women's movement twists traditions
    Newspaper Article - Las Vegas Optic
    This article describes describes the emergence of women into the workforce for that time. It documents experiences of women during this

Native Americans get to Vote

  • Indian Ruling Boosts Vote
    Newspaper Article - Clovis News Journal
    The short article documents the fact that Indians now have the right to vote. The revised status was based on a court

Tribal Autonomy

  • 'Don't take us for granted,' Indian leaders tell Democrats
    Newspaper Article - Alamogordo Daily News
    This article explains feeling of Indian group leaders Sam Deloria, a Souix, and Wendell Chino, an Apache, regarding the sovereignty of Indian Tribes and their expectations from the Democratic

Multi-cultural Assimilation

  • ARTICLE XII, Education; and ARTICLE XX, Miscellaneous
    Primary Document - NM Constitution
    Four sections from the NM Constitution have been selected to provide basic information on the multi-cultural relations that were defined by the Constitutional Convention at Statehood. The sections deal with the use of Spanish in both the publication
  • State Press Comment
    Newspaper Article - Alamogordo News Advertiser
    This article explains feelings of fifteen Indian group leaders as they went to Washington to ask the Secretary of the Interior to accept their 600,000 acres of land in a trust so that they would avoid state

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