Member Participation on AHS Website Inquiries

The Albuquerque Historical Society often receives questions from people about Albuquerque history in general or as it relates to their personal lives. AHS board members reply to these questions with answers or referrals to other individuals and organizations that may have answers.

AHS is inviting its members to reply to such questions if they choose. Below are guidelines for participation.

  1. Answer a question only if you know the answer, have relevant information to offer about the answer, or can refer the person to other individuals or organizations that know the answer. Providing accurate information is a paramount concern.
  2. Take your time when writing a reply, so that that it is clear, concrete, concise, and complete (the 4 C’s of communication). Write in simple language and short sentences. When providing referrals, provide names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of individuals and organizations, when possible.
  3. Study previous answers to queries for sample wording, as well as “boilerplate wording” we use in some responses, e.g., we are a non-profit organization of volunteers who may not be able to research answers to questions but can refer queries to other people and organizations.
  4. Be courteous to every person who makes a query in all respects.
  5. Be sure to copy “cc” in all your responses so we all know if the question has been answered.

If you would like to volunteer to help respond to AHS website inquiries, accept these guidelines, and are a current member of the Albuquerque Historical Society, please complete the form below and submit. We will get back to you!

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