National Guard Gets Its Order to Mobilize

Five New Mexico National Guard units in the 200th Coast Artillery received orders on January 3, 1941 to mobilize for a year’s service. The 200th units were from Gallup, Santa Fe, Taos. Deming, and Clovis. The newly-formed 104th Anti-tank battalion, with units in Roswell, Raton, Tucumcari, and Santa Fe, would also mobilize at this time. This order established the time frame for the mobilization of those who were in the Bataan Death March.

Document Type: Newspaper Article
Historical Event: New Mexico Role in WW II (1941-45)
Sub Event: Bataan Death March
Origin: Clovis News Journal
Date: January 3, 1941
Author: Not Cited
Permission: Fair Use
Contributor: Roger Zimmerman
Albuquerque Historical Society

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