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Section V: Albuquerque Today and Tomorrow

There is no way from here to paradise. The Garden of Eden has been left behind, but here somewhere on the far side of Eden we may yet create a more livable world. We cannot build the perfect world and if we could we would probably tire of it, since we are imperfect beings. We are various in our aspirations and the best we can hope for is a varied world. I would not want to design a Utopia and then be forced to live in it; at least I would want access to other people's Utopias. Therefore I believe that the way out for us must lie in a deliberate effort to maintain and build diversity, so that in each section of this land there will be a different kind of country, with its different wilderness and wild lands, its characteristic farmlands and rural landscapes, its varied cities that contain room for varied peoples. We have the power, the technology and the wealth with which to do this. We need only the will.

- Raymond E. Dasmann, A Different Kind of Country


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