Ann Carson, “Community Treasure”, Honored at the Albuquerque Museum

Photo of Ann Carson

Ann Carson, a longtime resident of the Huning Highlands Historic District neighborhood has been recognized with an Albuquerque History Accolade. She has spent decades archiving the community’s history. Carson’s relationship with the Albuquerque Museum also goes back decades. She currently is the chair of the Museum’s History Advisory Committee that oversees new acquisitions to the collection. She serves on the review panel of the Keleher Gallery and was instrumental in kick-starting the Community History program. Mansions, Motoring, and Millennials is the fourth exhibition in this unique space.

Carson’s long-time involvement with many community organizations, including The Albuquerque Conservation Association, Albuquerque Historical Society, and Albuquerque Archaeological Society, are important links with Albuquerque Museum’s history department.

Ann was honored during the opening reception of Mansions, Motoring, and Millennials at the Albuquerque Museum on November 17, 2017.

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