John L. Deuble Jr. – Albuquerque Author Specializes in Military History

Photo of Kirtland AAF WW II Bombardier Training Crew
Norden bombsight being transported at Kirtland Field during World War II.
Courtesy of AF Nuclear Weapons Center Historian

Albuquerque historian and author, John L. Deuble Jr., has been recognized with an Albuquerque History Accolade for researching and presenting the history of the early years of Albuquerque airports and the development of the Army air base and the air base’s missions before and after the United States’ entry into World War II.

John has lived in Albuquerque for 17 years. A veteran of the Korean War, he served in the Army (2nd Ranger Battalion) in 1949-50 and in the Air Force (3rd Air Rescue Squadron) in 1951-54. He earned bachelor degrees in chemistry and history from the University of the Pacific in 1959 and has been researching and writing history for more than 45 years.

Photo of John L Deuble JrHe specializes in the history of western military installations and his books include “Camp Furlong – Columbus, New Mexico 1912-1926,” “An Illustrated History of the 1st Aero Squadron at Camp Furlong – Columbus, New Mexico 1916-1917” and “Camp Cody – Deming, New Mexico, a New Mexico World War I U.S. Army National Guard Training Installation.”

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