Journalist Elaine Briseño – Investigates Albuquerque History

Photo of Journalist Elaine BriseñoInvestigative Journalist Elaine D. Briseño has been recognized by the Albuquerque Historical Society for an Albuquerque History Accolade. She has objectively worked towards uncovering the hidden truths and facts about some of Albuquerque’s little known history. Elaine has demonstrated that she possesses the knowledge, patience and persistence to find the facts on a topic through interviews and research. Her widely disseminated articles have promoted and fostered a deeper understanding of Albuquerque and its history.

Elaine Briseño has been a Reporter/Staff Writer at the Albuquerque Journal since February 2002. She studied Journalism at the University of New Mexico Department of Communication & Journalism, where she graduated in 2000. Elaine writes a twice-a-month column in the Albuquerque Journal, “What’s in a Name?,” where she gives a short history of how places in New Mexico got their names.

Elaine is a third generation New Mexican. She lives in Albuquerque with her two dogs, Pablo and Zeus, and her son Gevoni, a graduate of New Mexico Tech University, and currently an engineering graduate student at the University of New Mexico. Her mother has always stressed the importance of continuous learning, whether it be in a formal setting or our every day lives. Elaine is an avid reader and is fascinated by old buildings and neighborhoods. She feels incredibly lucky to have a job that allows her to explore her passions.

Examples of her work include:

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