Roland Penttila

Albuquerque Historical Society Speakers Bureau

Roland PenttilaRoland is a retired civil engineer who designed water systems, freeways, bike paths and storm drains over his 30 year career. His latest job was the engineering supervisor of Albuquerque’s Storm Drainage System and the Storm Water Quality Program’s compliance with the EPA. He’s always been interested in the history of the places he’s lived and started learning about Albuquerque when he moved here in 1998. He volunteered to lead the walking tours of downtown Albuquerque along Central in 2014 and enjoys the 8 block walk as often as his turn comes up. He has been volunteering to help scan and organize historical photos for Historic Albuquerque, Inc. using his knowledge of photography which is his hobby. He lives in the southeast heights with his wife, two dogs and one cat.

Speaking Topics

  • The Downtown Albuquerque Walking Tour — For People Who Prefer to Sit.
    Roland has created a PowerPoint slide show of the walking tour for people who can’t stand for two hours or walk the ¾ mile distance. It is all the knowledge the tour contains without the steps. It is a perfect alternative for those unable to get around. The presentation lasts about 90 minutes. The presentation tells about Central Avenue (previously Railroad Avenue) and the changes that occurred when the railroad came to town in 1880 all the way up to the present day. The history is supported with vintage photos of the buildings–many of which no longer exist.
  • Albuquerque History: Questions and Answers
    In 2017, the Transit Department asked the historical society to prepare short questions and answers to various historical facts about Albuquerque. The Society came up with 90 pairs of questions and answers that are a fun walk-through of the City’s historical facts. See how many you can answer in this one hour presentation given by a Board Member of AHS.