Albuquerque Tricentennial Factoids

Welcome to the Tricentennial Factoids!

Albuquerque Historical Society - Tricentennial LogoThe Albuquerque Tricentennial, complete in 2005, was preceded by intense research activities by several task groups of volunteers and professionals.

One of the products of this celebracion grande was the assembly of a list of 300 factoids, historical facts and trivia, in question and answer format. During the 18 months of the tricentennial celebration card decks containing fifty cards, each card featuring one question and answer, were freely distributed to all comers.

The 300 factoids have been assembled into pages on the Albuquerque Historical Society website as part of the archives from the tricentennial.

Using the Navigation Chart on this page you can link to the questions. Clicking on the index numbers takes you into the the questions at convenient intervals where you can browse up or down. Click the Link Number in front of the question and the question and answer are presented in the frame on the respective page. Repeat the process and enjoy!